String’s Creative Alchemy Podcasts – enhancing the magic of life, through story, art, and music.

A series of interviews with artists, musicians, writers and those who muse; creative alchemists! -Podcasts featuring storytelling, poetry and the spoken word about unusual subjects and people.

Those interviewed on Creative Alchemy Podcasts representative of a unique group of people committed to positive change on the planet. As creative alchemists they work this change through art, music, poetry – writing, and the spoken word.

They are the storytellers around the campfire, and the campfire -a podcast…and the flames are a lickin’ and the wolves are a howlin’, and ‘the night is dark and we are far from home’. We are a community bereft of the old ways making the new ways, the ways of myth. Art is one of the only purely free mediums of creativity, a place of spirit, a place of soul-discourse and ultimately a place of cultural healing.

So draw close to the fire, grab something to drink, as we weave the web of modern myth.