creative alchemy

creative alchemy
String - 2021
String – 2021

As a person with diverse interests, talents, and a multi-disciplined career, I am difficult to encapsulate in one biography or even one website. Here you will find links to areas of personal and business involvement. Over twenty-five years ago I coined the term ‘Creative Alchemist’ to best describe my actions in the world, so what does this refer to?

At the foundation of Alchemy are the connections between, and the transformation of, matter. This process or concept can be applied to humans by integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Sometimes this is an inclusive, not exclusive, process involving relationships between human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms and the universe/spirit-soul. By inspired thinking, intelligence, observation, and interaction we learn about ourselves and the world. Creative Alchemy involves dynamic relationships, learning and acting within the world through living, communicating, and creating with others.

As an artist, researcher and businesswoman, I love exploring the unknown and examining the diverse, transitory, multi-dimensional world. At sunn creative musicthe outset I am resourceful, talented and creative, living and working with one eye on the amazing beauty of the earth, the people and all that inhabit this incredible universe. My desire is to leave a positive imprint on the planet using humble intelligence and a bit of cheeky daring. Calculated risk taking is an important part of my life and has yielded many rewards.

My treasured mentors were/are exemplary humans who actively worked for the betterment of mankind and the world. Private individuals, they were realistic about their abilities and the human proclivity to intrude or follow, requiring privacy to maintain mental space, physical well-being, creativity and harmony. In this way they could share their gifts with the utmost impact. For this reason many of my relationships, both personal and professional, are confidential and not advertised.

I cultivate both autonomy and interdependence and along with the fox trotting through yonder field and the butterfly on tomato plants, embody a different life-goal, but not a mutually exclusive one. A Creative Alchemist takes multiplicity into account in pursuing knowledge and transformation. Creative Alchemy applies to all endeavours, including Art, Music, Research, Business and Personal Management Consulting, Company Directorship, Health and Education.