referral for beta-reading & consulting

referral for beta-reading & consulting

As an author who takes a serious approach to writing, I am completely dependent on beta-readers for The Beauregarde Affair Coverfeedback and advice during all aspects of the writing process. The ideal beta-reader/writing consultant needs to be impartial, critical, insightful, frank, and constructive, all at the same time, which is no easy feat. I was fortunate to come across Cheryl’s blog several years ago. Impressed by her writing, I sensed she might be a good fit to help me with mine and eventuallTåre fra en tapt tid Covery asked her if she would be willing to critique the manuscript I was working on at that time. As it turned out, she possessed all of the above qualities, and equally important, she constantly responded to my enquiries in a quick, timely manner, helping me to keep everything flowing. Another of Cheryl’s defining qualities is also one that’s relatively rare; the ability of the beta-reader to let the writer maintain full control of their work. In my experience, beta-readers can be tempted to insert themselves into the work. It’s an art to be able to recognize where an author is trying to take their writing and assist them without unduly adding one’s own voice. Cheryl’s ability to successfully work within this delicate balance is therefore especially appreciated.

Cheryl has been one of my most valued beta-readers/consultants these few last years, and I will most definitely be asking her for assistance in my future work. I would highly recommend her to other authors who are looking for an excellent, experienced beta-reader. Sul pradavnych slz Cover


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