StringA successful business owner since 1993, I have over twenty-five years experience in Business Development, Management and Marketing of a variety of businesses, public and charity organisations and private clients. In this age of DIY Managers, I focus on creative consulting and problem solving utilising a wide and multi-faceted knowledge of disparate sectors. I offer bespoke consulting services for managers, businesses, charities, artists, authors, musicians, yoga & mind/body/health professionals and entrepreneurs.

Currently I am Managing Director and Owner/Co-Founder of the music label, sunn creative.

At the label I spend much of my time working with media; from social networking, to video production, photography, graphic design and marketing – running a music label requires diverse and intricate knowledge of many skills, including royalty compliance and artist management.

I also create, manage and update websites – advise on email campaigns, and spend time reading and reviewing books for chosen authors – pre and post publication. My LinkedIn Profile is a good place to find more information on my professional career or my business website.

For more information on my working methods read my article on Intuitive Marketing and Creative Alchemy –  My thoughts on Creative Consulting & EducationDaily Health.

If you would like to work with me, please read this on My Methods as a Creative Consultant.

I also consult on psi with selected clients – I have been studying parapsychology for over 40 years and am happy to help others increase ability, learn to protect themselves, or refer them to good resources.

Read about William Brown and Robert Stringall, my mentors.


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