Retreat into Colour

Blood Moon Eclipse

The Blood Moon inspired many of us! – Blood Moon Eclipse ©Stringall 2015

Woman Heart

Sometimes I retreat into colour. Currently I have many friends who are ill or dealing with the ramifications of cancer and other problems. We are busy, so much going on with music, promotion, yoga, life…I take a necessary break from it all and fall into colour. Out here in the UK, it is wet and too mushy to do much hiking; as a result I am able to absorb sun rays by drawing them, or at least capturing light. I have sold a few prints in the last year – and am printing on a by order basis. I am selling prints of the picture ‘Blue Beauty’ (below) on Fuji Luster (E-Surface) Fuji’s Crystal Archive paper with a Luster surface, also known as a E-Surface. Luster has a slight gloss which gives richer prints than Matte papers, and has a slightly pebbled texture – 8×8 prints sell for $25.00 and 10×10 $35.00 plus postage and packing in the US only, contact me for pricing outside of the US. I have a limited number of these left.

Blue Beauty