Creativity - The Immortal Door

Rainbow over Dorset

I woke up this morning thinking about creativity, my father and others. Outside rooks and magpies squawked and cawed, pigeons cooed. In the darkness behind closed curtains, I took the bird-talk for ‘it’s sunny…it’s sunny’ – and it is…amazing and welcome change. I walked upstairs and completed the 5 Tibetan Rites being six months into 21 repetitions each every morning. As readers may know I am conducting an experiment upon myself to see if the claims made about the Rites hold any truth…at this point I can say, I am changing and liking the transformation. I am much stronger in my arms and shoulders as well; this helps with swimming, yoga and other pursuits, highly recommended for a gentle but continual strengthening set of exercises, great for my spine.

I had a love – dismay relationship with Dad, one of the first people to foster my artistic side in a major way. We had about seven glorious years of creative freedom – during the late 60’s and 70’s – where everything was explored, art, dance, music, drama, philosophy – a sumptuous time to be young, an exuberant time, every day a new creation, encouraged by Dad and his partner Donna. Donna was a great gift to us children as she jumped wholeheartedly into the creative whirlpool. I would never have learned to dance had it not been for her. I can see us now in my mind’s eye, music blaring and us girls dancing, following the lead, loving her professional training in ballet, modern dance. I went on to take dance classes for years afterwards. We macraméd, painted, sculpted, sewed, embroidered, and read and wrote stories, I learned guitar and we put on childish dance plays to Steve Miller, Frank Zappa, Steppenwolf, and Pink Floyd. Creativity was our life…and then Dad changed.

Dad changed, Donna left and the 80’s hit like a ton of lead bricks, my incredible father shut down his artistic/mental ingenuity and transited into capitalism as did most of California. Suddenly an imaginative outlook was no longer encouraged; in fact it was actively discouraged, unless it involved making money. I was told to give up my dreams of being an Art/Parapsychology major and go into Business. There would be no support for me in the Arts. I turned rebellious and continued following my dreams, albeit in an unorthodox way, becoming split. Professionally I trained and worked in Business/Arts and in free time I continued my pursuit of the artistic and intuitive. Creativity was not only a result of my actions but was the fuel for them. Eventually, I moved to Sedona and then the UK, gathering around my home people of amazing profundity.

And so this morning I mused on the nature of creativity because every autumn I wake up with a heightened creative drive. It is as if my desire to create goes into hyper-speed… and I thought about Dad and how he became someone who co-opted my creativity (and that of others) for his own endeavours. I don’t have hard feelings for him, it was how he viewed the world. Creativity is a font, a continual welling of the sweet, unconscious, never-ending life force and at its most basic materialisation is energy, and energy can be used in many ways. However, sometimes lack of acknowledgement from the world keeps artists unaware of their value, their value becoming tied in to what they ‘do’ for others, and as a result they operate in a reflective vacuum, it is more convenient that their creative energy is utilised or harvested. Recognition implies value outside of utility and changes power relationships. In addition there is a concentrated effort to co-opt (make money from) and then degrade or copy those brave souls who have contributed creative value in a global way to the world, whose energy is out there publicly, our Artistic Mentors are abused.

I have been fortunate to have chosen a life path of constant interaction with people on the cutting edge of creativity, people who are non-conformist artists, musicians, writers and philosophers. People who utilise the creative font regularly and I received education from remarkable creators, some frightening, some deluded, some mad, some simply amazing, all profoundly unique. Literature and poetry, art and film, music, dance, and invention, I want to thank you all for our interaction because it has been such a great immersion-induction in the fiery lake. Many of these relationships occurred during short periods of intensity, of connection, sparking, and manifestation and then we moved on to other contacts. My ‘Creative Alchemist’ title originated in the early 90’s and some of the people I interfaced with during that time were instrumental in teaching me to go for it, to continue, to keep creating…and yes…I am addicted to the force and thank you all, past and present, I am truly humbled by the grace I was given, and am continually given, through our connection. I acknowledge your value independently of myself and my own needs, although your friendship and art has been instrumental in my own creative unfolding. We entwine, separate and reconnect with new focus.

Raw energy from the Creative Font is tamed or channelled into a working relationship with matter and this shaping is a skill, requiring practice…insight, continual honing, sharpening, opening, and mutating. It is the raw transformation of the life force into substance for utilisation and reflection. This energy is more than the final product as it is the fuel for giving the product animation. It is the substance of prana, of alchemical transformation; the breath and the One breathing. I surmise that although some artists may not see vast remuneration or fame for their creative end-products that the gain is much more than suspected, as creators we learn a deep proficiency, working with energy as old as the Universe. I suspect that we are training to unlock the Immortal Door.

Innerlife for Tony ©2001